10% Discount at Enigma Rooms, Doncaster

Enigma Rooms, Doncaster, are offering card owners 10% discount on their escape games. There are currently two games on offer with another under construction. Solve the murder in "Clueless Detective Agency" or escape from the morgue in "Ward 13". Simply show you card on arrival to receive 10% discount for you and [...]

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15% Discount at Hide and Shriek: Alien Escape

We're really excited about this one! Alien Escape is billed as the "UK's Largest Escape Room" with "strobe lighting, confined spaces, smell effects, periods of darkness and loud noises" and a distinct horror vibe! But you had better book your tickets asap, as the game is only running between June 4th and [...]

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15% Discount at Clue HQ Brentwood

Kelvedon Hatch is a large underground bunker near Brentwood, Essex, maintained during the cold war as a potential regional government headquarters. It is now home to Clue HQ Brentwood - the latest offering from the Clue HQ brand, which also boasts branches in Warrington, Birmingham, Blackpool and Sunderland. There are currently two [...]

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10% Discount at Agent November

Fancy trying a little different to your usual escape game? Agent November takes place outside! And they are offering Escape Game Card holders 10% discount on all three of their missions. Will you defeat an evil genius by defusing his nuclear device? Or track down an international gang of criminals? Or solve [...]

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15% Discount at Hidden Rooms London

Receive 15% discount at Hidden Rooms London with the Escape Game Card. At the time of writing there are two rooms to choose from: Prison Break and Chain Reaction. Can you and your team escape within 60 minutes?

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15% Discount at Escape Plan, London

Escape Plan Ltd are offering escape game card holders 15% discount on their London based escape game. Escape Plan is an ingenious live escape game in London set against the fascinating backdrop of World War II. Against the clock, you and your band of comrades have one hour to gather intelligence, find [...]

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20% Discount at Red House Mysteries

Escape Game Card holders are entitled to 20% discount at Exeter's latest Escape Game, Red House Mysteries. Play ‘The Darlington Mystery’ and enter the world of 1930s detective mysteries and classic film noir, following the story of hard-boiled P.I. Jack Armstrong as he descends in to a world of betrayal and deceit... [...]

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15% Discount at Mission Escape

Mission Escape of Exeter are offering card holders 15% discount. There are currently two games to chose from: Sensory Objective: Use your time wisely to unfold the message of the room. It's just a room after all! You have been given a secret mission to discover the code of the room. Using [...]

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25% Discount at TimeCraft

Owners of the Escape Game Card are entitled to a 25% discount at TimeCraft, Bognor Regis. For an hour you are time travellers crash landed your TimeCraft during the time of the second British Empire. With limited resources, you need to salvage your environment to open a wormhole and activate your TimeCraft [...]

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