Handmade Mysteries bring you Lady Chastity’s Reserve. Solve Lady Chastity’s sordid secrets in time to win her fabled bottle of aphrodisiac wine! This dark and fruity tale revolves around the legendary Chastity vineyard, the most notorious party venue of its time. Chastity’s was considered the finest wine in all the land, an aphrodisiac which fuelled the eminent Lady’s lavish orgies. In the years that Lady Chastity found love, the wine flourished, but when she lost her love, she lost her mind. The parties were wilder than ever before and during her final blow-out, the vineyard burned down, bringing Chastity and her strange brew to a bitter end. Now players are invited to hunt down the last remaining bottle of this rare and highly coveted prize, so they may wet their whistle, and possibly their pants. Now featuring at The Four Thieves pub, Battersea and The Black Lion, Brighton.

Escape Game Card holders are entitled to 10% discount at either venue.