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Participating Games in Romania

Card Holder Discount
Mystery Rooms Escape BrasovRomaniaBrasov315% Team Discountmore info
TROLL Escape RoomsRomaniaBucharest210% Team Discountmore info
Escapology BucharestRomaniaBucharest110% Team Discountmore info
The VoidRomaniaBucharest110% Team Discountmore info
X3M Real Escape RoomRomaniaPloiesti115% Team Discountmore info
INCHIS Escape RoomsRomanialasi220% Team Discountmore info
The CodexRomaniaBucharest315% Team Discountmore info
Escape Arena SRLRomaniaBucharest210% Team Discountmore info

Latest News (Romania)

    We are taking submissions!

    Well, this has gone well! We have only been live for a week and we already have 61 different games signed up, spanning seven countries. We are adding new games on a daily basis, so [...]

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