Sell the card online or at your venue and earn extra money!

Online Affiliate Program

Sign up to our online affiliate program and earn 25% commission on sales made. Once signed up, you will be given a link with a unique tracking code. Sales resulting from clicks through to our website from this link will earn you 25% commission. Commission is paid for new customers only and is not paid for recurring payments once the first year of membership expires. Payouts are made on a monthly basis and will be issued once you have earned at least £50 in commission. If the £50 threshold has not been met, your balance will roll over to the next month. Sign up now and start earning commission today.

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Sell the card at your venue

We are giving escape room owners the opportunity to sell the Escape Game Card at your venue. You can purchase the cards at our wholesale price of £5 per card. The retail price is £10 per card which makes for a 100% mark up on our wholesale prices. As escape game owners ourselves, we have found that customers are usually eager for more after the thrill of playing one of our rooms. This is the perfect time to introduce them to the Escape Game Card. The idea is to promote the industry and give players an incentive to play other escape games both locally and further afield. We will also give you access to our marketing pack, including posters and flyers to advertise the card to your customers. For further details please contact us.