15% Discount at Aftermath London

//15% Discount at Aftermath London

15% Discount at Aftermath London

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The Story:

One Murder. One Conspiracy. One Chance to Save The World!

5 Minutes From Now. The body of respected investigative reporter, Emilia Sarnowska, is found murdered. The cause of death is unknown. Meanwhile, across the globe, dark forces prepare to execute the last stage of an insidious plan that will threaten the entire world. All the while, you are going about your normal business when Emilia’s luggage is brought directly to you by a mysterious stranger. You are now in the firing line. It’s a race against time…

This is an Immersive Escape Room experience which brings the danger to your door. You build the team, we bring the mission to you. If you can hold your nerve, you might just save the world – and avert The Aftermath…

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